Second-order horizontal synchrosqueezing

D. Fourer and F. Auger. Second-order Time-Reassigned Synchrosqueezing Transform: Application to Draupner Wave Analysis. Proc. EUSIPCO 2019, Coruna, Spain. sep. 2019.
D. Fourer and F. Auger. Synchrosqueezing temporel d'ordre 2 de la transformée de Fourier à court terme . Proc. GRETSI 2019, Lille, France.

We introduce a novel enhancement of the time-reassigned synchrosqueezing method designed to compute sharpened and reversible representations of impulsive or strongly modulated signals. We illustrate in numerical experiments the improvement brought by our proposal when applied on both synthetic and real-world signals. Our experiments deal with an analysis of the Draupner wave record for which we provide pioneered time-frequency analysis results.


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